Taking action for diversity, equity,
and inclusion in computing

We are a non-profit dedicated to building and preparing a larger, more diverse national computing workforce for the 21st Century.
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The Corps is a model for catalyzing regional partnerships through tiered participation of students, professionals, and educators in mentoring, civic engagement, and experiential learning.

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The STARS Computing Corps provides training, resources, and community for addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing. STARS engages college students and faculty from in projects designed to promote persistence and career advancement in computing, through connecting computing to community and societal impacts; reinforcing computing knowledge through teaching and practice; developing professional, entrepreneurial, and creative skills, and developing a network of computing professionals with a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and computing.

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Anita B
National Center For Women And It

Join us in igniting action to advance
diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing!