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Seminar Topics: Team Presentations (faculty module)

As previously stated, the Corps (regardless of format) should include a required oral presentation component.  This section is designed to help you help your students prepare and deliver effective oral team presentations.  It contains information you may wish to go over with your students on how to prepare and present effective team presentations, or you may wish to assign students to go over this information on their own using the Student Module 4.  This manual also contains grading rubrics you may use or adapt to help you (or team leaders) evaluate the presentations.

You may wish to begin this section by showing this YouTube video on effective team presentations.

Below are several "How-To" guides for preparing and delivering successful team presentations (use any or all as desired).

Presentation How-To Guides

Presentation Evaluation Rubrics

You may or may not grade student presentations but you should always provide students with feedback.  Rubrics can be completed by instructors, peers, and/or team members them selves.  Samples are below:

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